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Hey there Derbyverse, It's Nox

I am in love with the sport, community and culture of roller derby and love making content for the derbyverse!

  • My main thing is videos, I’ve made over 70 recaps, skits, vlogs, reviews and resource videos!

  • I design merch for the derbyverse through my brand Nox Skate Co. on Redbubble!

  • My blog is where I expand on my videos and share other cool content!

  • The Weekly Roundup is the only place to catch all the derby news, links and highlights you may have missed!

  • State of Skate is my derby discussion group on FB which is the best derby community on the internet, IMO

If you're interested in talking about derby current events, hot topics or new ideas, check out my videos, blog, or find me elsewhere! Let's talk about roller derby! 🌈


My Latest Videos

You can see them all here!

9 Things To Do With Your Offseason

It's offseason (for some of us) and not having practice/games can be WEIRD SO here's my newest video on The Apex!

The KWoo Interview

As Apex put it “A special treat for Team #MOHydra …an interview with Kayla Woodward about Arch Rival Roller Derby's 2019 Champs run. MUST SEE TV! 🍿📽”

Celebrating (almost) 10 Years in Roller Derby

I just hit my 9th derby-versary and to celebrate my decade in derby I'm skating every day until my 10th anniversary!

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