2018 Year in Review

2018 was a big year for me. I made over 30 videos, produced 51 Weekly Roundups, wrote 7 blogs, started my Patreon, grew State of Skate to over 2,000 members, got sponsored by Wicked and launched my derby merch brand, Nox Skate Co.! Here’s a recap of work and life from this year! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

Huge huge huge shoutout to my Patrons for making all of this possible<3

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  • I started the year growing our new Chicks in Bowls - St. Louis chapter!

  • Unfortunately I sustained two back-to-back park skating injuries that sent me to Urgent Care

  • I made a preview video for the Roller Derby World Cup and fun highlight video from the Men’s Team USA vs St. Louis Gatekeepers game here in St. Louis!


I kicked off February, my birthday month, with a birthday GoFundMe for help getting updated video editing software! My friends and family went above and beyond and I was able to get my new editing software before the end of the month!

  • I filmed a video in a bathtub and talked about self-care in derby for The Apex

  • I made a fun video of an Arch Rival local game, which challenged me as I had to watch and film the game from one spot as I was volunteering

  • Our CIBSTL VDay bash was a huge hit! Our admin team brought treats, valentines and small gifts for everyone and we had a big turnout! This is one of my favorite videos of the year!


  • I started exploring vlogs, which was very new for me!

  • My video 5 Terms to Be Retired on The Apex was a … controversial hit. While many people and leagues changed their language (S/O to ARCH leadership who changed our curriculum to include ‘side surf’ by like, our next practice), many members of the derbyverse had…different opinions.


  • I made a quick lil highlight reel of another Arch Rival local game and the last day of the Skate to Thrill tournament!

  • My local team, the Stunt Devils, won championships! It was really special for me for a lot of reasons, which I wrote about on Insta.


May was a blur of Arch events, prepping for June’s merch launch and skating!


June was a big big month for me because I launched Nox Skate Co.!



August was when I finally realized my depression and anxiety were affecting me worse than I thought and needed to take a break from derby.





November went fast and was full of really exciting things!


December was rough. I found out I was losing my job and to move while trying to wrap up the year and celebrate the holidays.

This year I did so many things I used to dream about - starting my merch line, getting sponsored, and unlocking some awesome skate park tricks. I challenged my videography in new ways, got outside my comfort zone and grew A LOT. I’m really happy I collected my work from the year this way. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and see your accomplishments.

Thank you to my league and CIBSTL crew for being cool about me filming them all the time. Thank you to Wicked Skatewear for keeping me rolling! Thank you to my partner Davey for always supporting me and my crazy ideas. Thank you to The Apex for supporting my videos. And lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to my Patrons. None of this would be possible with you and I am so thankful for our lil club.

Alllll my love,


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