August Derby Favorites

This August I made a lil video with some of my favorite derby things from the month! Did I include your favorites?

Make sure to watch the video to see some favorites I didn’t include in this blog post!

Favorite game: Arch/ Texas at Sweatfest

And not just because I'm totally biased - even though it was a hell of a performance from ARCH 

Favorite fundraiser: Arch's The Great Spain Rename

It's kinda frustrating that some folks don't know where Arch Rival is from, because it's one of the OGs. BUT the All-Stars took the joke and ran with it - giving The People the power to vote (with their dollars) for their temporary Playoffs name!



🙌🙌all of this 🙌🙌


Favorite non-derby thing: can

I love Canva and use it for everything , even in my professional life! It can be super helpful to make great looking bout flyers, social media graphics, rosters, ANYTHING!


Favorite product: Moreau Regime Lipstick

I am not a makeup person but DAMN do I love this lipstick. I've worn it in videos and social media posts, to work and derby, and just love how it lasts and stays vibrant! I am down to answer any questions you have but I'm a big fan! Stay tuned for a review video feat. some ARCH skaters soon!

What were your August favorites? Leave a comment below!

Wendy Walden