27 Team Bonding Ideas | Roller Derby

One of the great things about roller derby is how it brings together people from all backgrounds! If you’re looking for ideas to break the ice with new league mates or strengthen the bond with your team, here are 27 ideas!

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  1. Watch derby together (for learning or for fun)

  2. Public skate party

  3. Scavenger hunt

  4. Go out dancing

  5. Support other ‘indie’ sports (ARCH loves to support SLLAW, St. Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers!)

  6. Flyer the town together

  7. Trivia night

  8. Cabin retreat

  9. Drinks and/or food after practice

  10. Escape room

  11. Go to another league’s bout

  12. Make silly videos for each other

  13. Team dinner (potluck, go out, order-in, make something together)

  14. Skate cleaning party

  15. Watch a long-running show together (Buffy, anyone?!)

  16. Community service (as a league function or just casually)

  17. Park skating

  18. Pizza party

  19. Hiking trip

  20. Road trip to a bootcamp

  21. Book club (I’m in a ‘Read anything by non-cis-white-men’ bookclub with some of my league mates!)

  22. Honey roast each other or your Coach

  23. Trail skating

  24. Craft love-notes for your officials

  25. Share a skill (example: got a great knitter on the league? Knitting party!)

  26. Plan and do some derby specific work out sessions

  27. Slumber party

Whether you’re knitting together a team of different levels, backgrounds, or crafting skills you’ll find something for y’all to bond over here! Let me know what works for you and share your ideas, too!



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