4 Reasons To Guest Skate | Roller Derby

Guest skating is such a great way to experience derby in different parts of the world! Whether you’re traveling for vacation, work or family stuff squeezing in some time with the local league has tons of benefits! Here are my top 4:



Skating with different leagues exposes you to SO MANY NEW DRILLS! Some you’ll have never thought of before, some different versions of drills you know and love; Take notes and bring them home! Better yet, if the practice leader approves, film the drill so you can better teach it to the rest of the team!




I find myself trying new things and feeling more comfortable learning when I’m with people who don’t know me! Sure it sounds scary but it’s actually so freeing!

  • You have no reputation!

  • No one knows your strengths/weaknesses!

  • You have a clean slate to try whatever you want!

  • It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and possibly level up!




If you’re traveling on vacation, visiting family or for a work trip, guest skating can be a great way to find out about the city you’re in! Those people will know the best places to visit, tips for getting around, info on local events and stuff like that!




My favorite part of visiting different leagues is seeing their culture in action. Every team/league structures their practices differently and has different expectations for different sections of practice.

  • Does this league include off-skates portions in their practice?

  • Does this league provide warm ups or expect you to do that before hand?

  • Are they chatty or rigorously focused?

  • Do they scrimmage at the end of every practice or have set scrimmages?

Practices can vary so much and everyone seems to do it differently. Bring this info back to your league and maybe you’ll find something great for your practices!


Guest skating with other leagues is a great way to learn new things and expand your derby circle. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how derby lives in other parts of the world! I’ve gathered some great info for you so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe on Youtube to catch my upcoming video with several tips for guest skating for derby!