#AskWFTDA Recap - March 2019

WFTDA held another #AskWFTDA session yesterday, the focus being “…keeping the conversation going with our community around location choices for postseason and safety and inclusion at WFTDA events.”


Answering for #AskWFTDA this session:

WFTDA Diversity and Inclusion Chair — Gloom, #GL

WFTDA Tournaments Manager — Suzy, #SS,

@GSORollerDerby president —  Xena, #X

Greensboro Roller Derby PR Director — Katie Murawski ,#GR, 

WFTDA Membership Services Manager — Dottie Damage, #DD

WFTDA Executive Director — Erica Vanstone, #HH


Q: Can WFTDA share more about the decision to choose NC?


Q: Will nonbinary people have a safe place to pee at the NC event? How will you guarantee this safety?


Q: Were there other options that met bid criteria?


Q: Any update on the anti-bullying policies mentioned last time?


Q: What are you doing to make derby more inclusive for disabled or neurodiverse members?


Q: If someone has punitive sanctions from WFTDA, what stops them from moving to MADE, MRDA or JRDA?


Q: Any updates on the member trainings you mentioned last time?


Q: Any plans to increase dialog between WFTDA and members, stakeholders?


Q: What was up with that mysterious JRDA statement?


Thank you to everyone who asked WFTDA questions for this session!

JuniperLSimonis - Shredinger137 - karleighjjones - Nicktroptopolis - The_Terroirist - Party-o

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And remember, if you have questions or concerns, use your WFTDA reps!

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