11 Things I Can't Stop Thinking About From #WFTDAChamps

Strategy trends, jammer tricks, epic tweets, transphobia in the final game and so much more! I can’t stop thinking about these 11 things from WFTDA Champs!

1. VRDL’s Multi-Jammer Fake-Out Strategy 🧐

This weekend VRDL showed off their newest strategy - they would field 2 or more jammers, and sometimes even 2 whole packs, only for those skaters to exit the track just after the 5 second whistle. It was not popular.

I am not a fan of this play because NSOs do not deserve that headache and I don’t think it was even a successful play. But I can get behind the lols that have come from it.

Posted in Roller Derby Memes (Main) Group

Posted in Roller Derby Memes (Main) Group


2. Pearl Jam DID THAT 🤯

THIS WAS SO COOL! That’s all I have to say.

3. #BronzeforBrawn 👓

In the semi-final game, Brawn Swanson of Denver went down with a bad ankle injury. After a long time-out, she was taken out on a stretcher. It was hard to watch, especially with Scald being right by her side and then her and the team having to play the rest of the game, which is never easy. But thankfully it isn’t broken, and we will hopefully see her back soon. But woof, that whole experience was nasty.


Denver’s Blackman has been a favorite of mine as she’s another tiny blocker but this weekend GIRL WAS ON FIRE!!! She was so clutch for Denver’s defense and even killed it when passed the star. I didn’t think I could be more impressed with her but DAMN, she proved me wrong. I need some #shortiesquad blocking videos from her asap!


5. Double-H Wins Tweet of the Weekend 🙌

There were stream issues Friday so, of course, people had a lot to say from home. But Double H had this great reply for one more colorful tweet and won the weekend imo:


6. One-arm saves are BIG 💪

We saw SO MANY jammers save their position (or, try to save their position) by catching their falls with their hands or arms. THE MUSCLE AND CONTROL THIS TAKES IS BANANAS but I’m scared it’ll lead to injuries. What are your thoughts?

7. Bonnie Thunders Gets Her First (and Second) Penalties of the Season in Final Game ✨

Damn, what a legend. I’m sure she was aiming for a full season but this is suuuuch an accomplishment. I don’t know any other skater at her level that has kept it so clean! I’d love to learn how she’s trained out her penalties!

8. WFTDA Champs Head NSO Stabby Mcneedles Celebrates 1000th game 🎉

WOW. I am absolutely floored by this. Stabby, thank you for your dedication to our sport. Congratulations on this amazing achievement!

9. WFTDA Broadcast 😺

I want to give huge props to the WFTDA broadcast team. Each year they continue to try new things and innovate and this year was no different. We had two games on Twitch, tons of skater interviews on FB Live, an interview with Pre-Flash Gordon and his cat Percy, AND they produced an all-Spanish recap video and interviews with Spanish speaking skaters!

10. Deadnaming? In Our Sport? AT CHAMPS? 💩

Deadnaming is an act of violence and it’s an absolutely abhorrent thing to do to someone, especially while representing our sport at the highest level. Do not allow this behavior in your derby circle, on your team, in our sport. Call it out when you see it and believe those who stand up. I hope (and am expecting) WFTDA can do something about this.


VRDL is losing Jaana  (to  Finland), Jambi (retiring), and Trample is moving to Denver. We haven’t yet heard the gotten of retirement announcements that typically come after champs but they’re coming. And will mean surely mean big changes for the D1 landscape.