Roller Derby Podcasts and Where To Find Them

I’m a big fan of podcasts. Especially when making the commute to practice there’s nothing better than listening to a derby podcast to get hyped. Since derby content creators are volunteers it can be hard to find quality, consistent podcasts! I have my favorites but here are 9 roller derby podcasts you need to check out for yourself!

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1. Something Something Roller Derby

“All the feels on 8 wheels: A roller derby podcast with all the history, advice, interviews, and feelings you could ever want–and without the smell!”

S.S. Roller Derby, hosted by Allie Gator and Hammer Abby, is one of my favorites! Started in 2017 this podcast has already tackled some important topics like Roller Derby & Racism and Transphobia. They also have done some great interviews with the Aquaman Army, Val Capone, and members of United Derby Officials Local 608! I’m a big big fan of these two and this podcast and can’t recommend it enough!

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Latest: Episode 6 - Roller Derby & Racism, October 22, 2018


2. Power Through the 4th Whistle

“A podcast for those looking to improve physically and mentally at roller derby and be inspired! Leadership, mindset, and current events in the world of derby.”
I’m kicking myself for only finding this podcast last month! This new podcast has only just launched last year is already 20 episodes deep! Tons of great resources and discussions on important questions for derbyverse members at all levels!

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Latest: Roller Derby Thoughts - 024 - How Do You Get on a Roster? January 20, 2019


3. Flat Mat Radio

“Flat Mat Radio is hosted by Kat Selvocki of Flat Mat Yoga. Kat interviews roller derby skaters and fitness experts weekly to talk about care and maintenance for the roller derby skater so that you can be even more badass.”

Flat Mat Radio was one of my favorites! Unfortunately it ended in 2017 but there’s a great archive of episodes you can listen to anytime! I learned a lot about taking care of my body as an athlete and it has some great interviews with skaters like Smarty Pants, Juke Boxx, and Screw Barrymore.

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Latest: Episode 30: Punchy O'Guts, Feb 27, 2017


4. Off The Track

“Off the Track is a weekly podcast about Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby hosted by “Mick Swagger” from Team Indigenous featuring exclusive interviews with players around the world.”

Off the Track is Mick Swagger’s podcast on the WiSP network and is FANTASTIC. Mick has put so much effort into educating the derbyverse important topics in a really accessible way! Their episodes on Allyship, Oppression, Life After Roller Derby, and The Psychology of Roller Derby are my favorites!

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Latest: Allyship in the Roller Derby Community- Part 2 , November 1, 2018


5. #TeamHitSquad

“Roller Derby, Music, Fashion, Life Podcast lived and learned through the eyes and voice of #TeamHitSquad CEO Lloyd Knox.”

The Hit Squad podcast is a great mix of derby interviews and resources for mental game! Highly recommend, especially for those looking for mental toughness/resilience/training!

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Latest: KNOW YOUR LEARNING STYLE, December 26 2019


6. Derby Rocz

“Each week we look at news of the roller derby news with 3 skaters and an announcer from Roc City Roller Derby with special guests and more!”

Derby Rocz has been the most consistent podcast with almost 200 episodes! They def have their fingers on the pulse of the derbyverse, I always hear about something new and exciting!

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Latest: Episode #184 (“membership drives and even a new play about derby”), January 25 2019


7. Fans Of RollerDerby

“A podcast centered around the sport of roller derby, and the many people and adventures it leads to.”

The Fans of… podcast features tons of skater interviews in the area! Started about a year ago they already have great episodes like interviews with Ovary Actor, talking about Quad Almighty, and a Rollercon episode about short track derby with Booty Quake and Lulu Demon!

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Latest: Cincinnati Rollergirls' 2019 Season Preview, Jan 7, 2019


8. DerbyWorld

“A bi-weekly podcast that reviews movies and television episodes featuring roller derby.”

If you’re a derby person who like TV/movies/pop culture this is the podcast for you! They also talk about all things derby so it’s my favorite to have on in the background when I’m working on derby stuff!

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Latest: S2E11.5: Method Acting (Highlight Improv), January 14 2019


9. Strong Athletic Podcast

“Nadia Kean, owner of the clothing brand Strong Athletic, wants three things. The first is to get humans into sports and athletics. The second is to keep athletes and coaches in sports. The third is to provide a voice to people who are in sports. In this podcast Nadia gives tips and recommendations to coaches to help them strengthen how they coach. She provides resources for athletes that are intended to help them learn how to communicate better with their coach so that they may excel. In this podcast she covers the reasons that people get into sports and athletics, what is likely to keep them in sports and what is likely to push them out of sports. She discusses people on the fringe of sports and athletics, the people underrepresented or alienated by sports. Listen to this podcast if you are a coach or athlete who wants to better understand your working relationship with the other. Listen to this podcast for reasons to get into sports and athletics. Listen to this podcast to gain a better grasp of the people around you so that you may strengthen those relationships and create an environment that is productive for everybody. “

Smarty Pants/ Nadia Kean recently announced this new podcast on her Facebook. I’m especially hyped for this, even though I’m not a coach, because every blog and interview I’ve ever encountered with Smarty has been full of exceptional knowledge. It launches February 3rd and I can’t wait!!

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