How To Clean Your Skate Bearings | Wicked Skatewear

I recently made some gear-related videos for my amazing sponsor Wicked Skatewear! Here’s the transcript:


Hey there! I’m Nox of the Wicked Skate Crew, and today let’s talk about how to clean your bearings! Cause, if you’re anything like me, you just let them get gross and then you have to buy new ones. Yes I am wearing glitter nail polish to hide the fact that I am a garbage person!

This video is brought to you by Wicked Skatewear, who I love. Let’s get into it!

What you’ll need:

A towel

A cleaner of some sort

A pin (I’m using a thumb tack)


And your gross bearings

First up, remove the shields.

Use the pin to carefully pluck out each shield for all of your bearings. Yes, it takes a few minutes.

Step two, wash them!

Ha, who’d’a thunk it! Today I’m using the Qube Bearing Spa, which is super handy and has all the instructions right on the bottle. I really love this Bearing Spa, cause it has these handy-dandy holders, and I can fit all sixteen bearings on one foot. Yes I do know that my bearings don’t match, that’s just where I’m at in life, don’t judge me. So shake them up, let them sit for a little while - the box says five minutes, it felt like a long time so I spent some time playing with my bearing shields. Yes I am an adult. Alright, let’s do this.

Alright, step three: dry them.

And this is really important, cause if you don’t do it, you can really mess up your bearings. Oh, that’s gross. I like to shake them out and then dry them off with a towel, you can also use a t-shirt which has less fuzz. If it’s not humid where you are you can let them air dry, or you can use something like canned air. But if you do it the old fashioned way, make sure to give them plenty of time to dry out.

Step four: apply lube.

Today I’m using the Bones Speed Cream, but there are a lot of different alternatives you can look in to. You only need a drop or two per bearing, so be careful because it’s easy to go overboard.

Next, this one I’ll call a bonus step, because not everybody does it, but I think it makes a big impact. I like to clean my shields, because as you can see, they’re pretty gross. There are different ways you can do it, but I like to just get them wet and then wipe them off with a towel, and again as you can see they’re really gross, so you might want to consider this a crucial step, not so much a bonus step.

The fifth and final step is to reapply your shields.

Usually it’s pretty easy, you just gotta pop them back in but you can use your pin for more help if you need it.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do, your bearings are clean, just pop them in your wheels and get rolling!

Wendy Walden