I was on a podcast! πŸŽ™οΈ "Finding a Voice in Roller Derby with Nox"


β€œOdd and Rags get to talk to Nox, host of Nox Talks, roller derby player, and all around a funny, incredible woman! They get into the importance of the roller derby community and how Nox got started making Nox Talks. β€œ


I had a blast talking with Odd and Rags on the latest episode of Frau Pow! We talked about A LOT, including:

  • How NoxTalks got started, my challenges/pushback experienced

  • Using your derby platform for advocacy and how Arch Rival inspires me to use my platform

  • Derby fame/celebrities

  • How to make derby more accessible and Derby Without Borders πŸ’œ

  • Self care in derby (I have a few videos on this)

  • Mental health in derby and the experience that made me finally get mine addressed

  • Ramp skating!

  • and more

This was my first time talking about my work and derby thoughts so it’d mean the world to me if you listened. Maybe bring us with you on your commute to practice or while doing chores? That’d be cool :)

Listen on:

Wendy Walden