6 Inspiring Roller Derby TedxTalks

I originally posted this over on my Tumblr a few years ago but wanted to share it here for a larger audience!


Salvation through skating | Dana Whitney Hayes | TEDxDirigo


How Motherhood Is Like Roller Derby | Alex Cohen | TEDxPasadenaWomen


Finding your life’s passion at the roller derby rink: Monica Mitchell at TEDxSenecaCollege


TEDxAdelaide - Sarah Strong-Law - Building Communities Through Roller Derby

TEDxSheffield 2012 - Erica Packington - Roller derby saved my soul! O.....RLY?


Hard Hits & Hard Lessons: Founding of Woman’s Roller Derby League: Jennifer McMahon at TEDxEureka


Feeling inspired? Which TedxTalk was your favorite? Any that I missed including? Leave a comment below and make sure to share with your derby circle!

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