3 Reasons I Love Moreau Regime

I am a BIG fan of Moreau Regime Cosmetics. Their long wear liquid matte lipstick is something out of a dream. I've worn them in videos and post about them on social all the time, I even featured them in my August Favorites video, and I'm happy to share some other perspectives in this video on this for derby, by derby line!

Huge thank you to everyone who helped test these lipsticks at scrimmage! I wasn’t able to include everyone in this video, but 12 of 13 testers had positive reviews!

Three reasons I LOVE Moreau Regime:

1. For derby, by derby

I love supporting derby people and derby-owned businesses. I love knowing Lauren, the creator, is a member of the community and knows the needs of a derby athlete.

While playing roller derby I discovered a need for durable cosmetics with an element of comfort to not distract me from my game. The last thing anyone wants to have on their mind is if their painted face is holding up.

It is my goal to provide such products to athletes and I have started with a line of liquid matte lipsticks and I am ecstatic to bring to the world the first color collection of comfortable long wear matte lipsticks!

2. The product is ✨

The colors are brilliant. The application is easy and creamy. And they lasts through double headers, long practices and sweaty skatepark sessions! I’m so in love now my boutfit always includes one of these! I can’t wait to get my hands on their new release, Goggles, which is a beautiful berry color! Also, they’re cruelty free!

3. THE CATS! 😻

I’m not even a cat person but the cats behind each color made me fall for Moreau Regime. Each color is inspired by a real life cat who have come into Lauren’s life. Each one has it’s own little derby name like Squid Vicious (violet), Jack D. Ripper (red), Mighty Mouser (pink) and their stories and personalities are also shared on the site.

For full transparency, I approached Moreau Regime about this collaboration. They provided me the line and I made this video (and am working on a second, more personal review video now so keep an eye out for that).