My Partnership with The Apex


In the summer of 2017, The Apex, roller derby's new source for everything WFTDA, decided to expand their efforts and launch a Patreon, a platform which allows users to donate monthly to content creators they love! One of their bigger goals through their Patreon was to be able to bring on a "podcast/vodcast" element to the site. They quickly met that goal and I was the one they called (er... Twitter DM'd).

Now some of my videos are shared first on The Apex Facebook and later to my site and Youtube channel. This way when you're getting updated on world of WFTDA derby from The Apex's Facebook, Twitter, or website, you can now find my latest videos with just a click or two! 

I love The Apex and believe the content they are creating is vital to the derby community! Please follow them on social and check out a few of my favorite Apex pieces below!


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