After B-Champs: Tampa, Talent, Tacos!

Phew... BAMPS weekend was a whirlwind and I'm only just now coming down. Aside from being sick the first two days and dealing with an angry knee after that, Tampa was a great trip that has me really excited about derby again!



The talent in Tampa was unbelievable! Honestly, I was impressed with every team at the tournament and am excited to have so many new favorites! Kate Sera Sera, Beyond ThunderDame, Anghel, Gary, and so many more! Keep an eye out for my B-Champs video on The Apex and make sure to relive all the action with Derby Central!


The Tacos 🌮

Here's a secret about me... I don't actually like tacos. BUT even I could appreciate the taco theme behind Hostile TACOver, so props to Tampa for that. There were multiple folks in taco costumes, taco bars, after party locations with Mexican food, a taco eating contest, etc. It felt FUN! Whoa... derby can be FUN? Crazy!


Teams like Gotham, Dallas, Texas, and Angel even made ridiculous taco-related hype videos! Check them out and fall even more in love with these talented teams!


Lunachix (huSTLeCity?) ⚜

A preview article for the weekend called us 'scrappy' and boy, did we live up to the name!

We came into the weekend down a jammer (concussion),  and 2 blockers (one played at D1 and I was a mess), so our team was already down significantly. Then, during warm-ups before our first game, one of our jammers injured her ankle and was out the rest of the weekend. AND WE STILL CAME OUT A SEED HIGHER THAN WE ENTERED! We feel damn proud of what we accomplished at champs this year and I can't wait to see what we can do next season!

Other big news from the weekend: Nelly was arrested over the weekend on rape charges so we are working on changing our team name. There are already many reasons to change it but this was the final nail in the coffin. We are already working on making a name change for 2018. HUSTLE CITY, ANYONE? 


B-Team Pride? ✨

Tampa Bay’s Bruise Crew introduced “Our B Team is better than your A team” shirts this weekend and a friend picked me up one.


I love the local league/team pride it elicits but, personally, will never wear it outside of STL practices and events. I'm really interested in hearing what other folks think about this shirt/message!


Looking forward 👀

I know not everything is about that high-level, D1-playoffs, All-Star life but watching the skaters that will probably become the next era for their A-teams gave me goosebumps. Also, it was inspiring to see all the skaters from Angel City and Tampa (among others) who had recently aged out of their JR programs! They're coming for all of us and I'm terrified and excited!


Did you catch B-Champs this year? What were your favorite games and/or standout players? HOW MANY TACOS DID YOU EAT? Let me know! Let's TACO BOUT roller derby!

Wendy Walden