4 WFTDA CHAMPS Matchups That Have Me HYPED

Champs weekend is upon us! Here are 4 games I'm most excited to watch!


Crime City/ Montreal

I'm, ofc, excited to watch these two teams play the amazing derby they always bring (and Miracle Whips continuing to be both the absolute cutest and also a total monster), but I'm most excited about the broadcast!

WFTDA is going to stream the first game of the weekend on Twitch! I'm very interested to see if this brings in any new fans (IDK who's on Twitch checkin for new women's sports on a Friday morning but HEY ya, never know!) or if the derbyverse will actually tune in to this game, but I love new and exciting ways to watch derby. If there’s a live-chat, you know I’m there!



This first round match-up is a rematch from Champs last year. That game ended 197-94 for London, but things are different this year.

Both teams come in with very different rosters. ARCH comes in with the addition of Vicious Van GoGo’s blocking strength and Reptar's tiny knife body (phrase credit to David Metcalfe) but ARCH down two key blockers (Jam and Party Foul) due to injury. London is also still missing derby giants Juke Boxx (preggo!) and Mainey (transferred to BAD) from the track, but Kitty is back from maternaty leave so it'll be interesting to see how different the rosters make this game!

Roster changes aren't the only reason most of the derbyverse seems split on who will take the win! Scores for these squads have been ...less than linear this season. 

ARCH beat Crime by almost twice what London did

London lost against Denver by 112 while ARCH only lost by 77

But London lost to Texas by 2 while ARCH lost by 90

I… don’t know what to do with this info. It’s left most of us torn over who will take the win in this game but, of course, I’m pulling for ARCH! 💕



Judging by the Minnesota/Denver score from Sibling Rivalry this year (348-191), I’m going to say we’ll see Denver face Angel in that second round game.

I'm firmly in Camp Angel on this one but looking at each team's scores this season assures me it'll be a great game! 

Angel beat ARCH by 30 more than Denver

Denver beat London by 30 more than Angel

Angel lost to Rose by almost 40 more than Denver

Not totally sure what this game will bring but my bracket has Angel taking the W. But I’ll be rooting for continued impressive-as-hell blocking from favorite fellow tiny blocker, Blackmann! 😍 


Victoria vs Gotham/Rose

I am so damn thankful we will not see the Rose/Gotham matchup again. We've seen it and the sequel- it's time for something new!

I predict Victoria will take the hydra this year and I'm not alone! Derby on Toast (a wonderful gift to the derby community) has it that nearly 80% of the derbyverse predicts we will have a new, first-ever non-US, Championship team! Exciting shit!



What games have you hyped? Who do you think will win the Hydra this year? Let me know! And make sure you're following me on Twitter for #WFTDACHAMPS highlights, heckles and commentary!

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