Before B-Champs

My team, the Arch Rival Roller Derby Saint Lunachix, is in Tampa for B-Champs: Hostile TACOver! It's going to be awesome! 




Getting to rep the ARCH logo always gives me the warm and fuzzies. I dreamed of skating with ARCH for years and being on the Luna’s with such amazing babes is even better than my dreams. I’m so excited to compete with this team at this level!

We’re coming in the 8 seed and have been described as “scrappy” so watch out! Make sure to check out these awesome previews for the weekend! 

ARCH preview

Apex preview

Derby Central preview  


Comeback 💪 

I’m taking this weekend to be grateful. This time last year I’d recently transferred to ARCH and was invited to join the team at B-Champs. I decided against as I was still coming back from my ACL injury and was struggling with fear of reinjury every time I left the house. Now it’s just a blip on my radar and I feel better than ever! 



This weekend I’ll be shooting for an Apex video! Not totally sure what it’ll be (recap, interviews, montage of ridiculous team dances, who knows?) so if you’re at the event and want to talk about something on camera, do an interview, or anything at all let me know. I want to feature as many folks as I can! If you're not here and want me to cover any certain teams, matchups or skaters let me know!



We’re still fundraising to pay for this huge amazing trip! We’re selling these awesome tanks and t-shirts in adult and kid’s sizes! Donate to our GoFundMe to get yours OR YOU'LL HAVE SAND ON YOUR HAM!

(Watch our B-Champs/Beach Hams blooper video below to know what I'm talking about)




I’m hyped as hell for B-Champs! What games are you looking forward this weekend? Let me know! 



Wendy Walden