Weekly Round-Up: October 30-November 6

I want to start doing a round-up of derby news, for those who aren't obsessed with no life. Here's my first go, let me know what you think!

With all the hoopla of #WFTDACHAMPS this weekend, here are a few highlights you may have missed:

after b champs (1).png


Short Stop Leaving Gotham; V-Diva, Laci Knight, Serelson Retiring

Short Stop's FB Announcement

V-Diva, Jes Rivas, Laci Knight, Shaina Serelson retiring

More (currently mysterious) retirements from ARCH, Texas


WFTDA Champs Announcer, Double-H, Compares Losing Game to Genocide

Initial FB post from Mick Swagger, Team Indigenous

Follow up FB live stream from Team Indigenous

Apology from Double-H and WFTDA


Big Drama Between Quadzilla and Riedell

Quadzilla's post

iDerby post by Streak

Riedell's response


Derby Famous Arm Bands Going Out of Business



WFTDA Partnering With Twitch For Watch Parties And More

Announcement and dates of broadcasts

WFTDA Twitch account



If you have thoughts on any of these highlights or want to talk about something else that caught your attention, hit me up! 

Wendy Walden