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Last second wins, one point games, two point games, overtime jams, UPSETS GALORE!

I am still coming down from this insane weekend of d2 derby and, while I’m still hyped from the last game, I can’t bring myself to make a recap video quick enough to be relevant.  

So, here’s a rundown of Division 2 WFTDA Playoffs and Championships:

Games to watch:

I’d recommend watching as many as you can but make SURE you watch:



Stand outs:


This team… the cinderella story of the weekend. The team that came from kinda nowhere and won everyone’s hearts!

  • They took their first win Friday by upsetting No Coast by ONE POINT
  • They took their second win Saturday upsetting Naptown by THREE POINTS
  • And then lost to both Paris and then Naptown in the semifinals and took 4th place! For a team seeded 16th and just hoping to get past Friday, that’s more than an incredible weekend!



D2 delivered so much entertainment because so many of the games were upsets! There were like 11 by Saturday night and then I lost count. It felt like every other game was an upset which either means the rankings system is bunk or D2 is just that fucking rad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shout outs:

Naptown, not only did great things this weekend, but wore these ‘White Silence is Violence’ shirts during warm ups. There have been teams have that done in at other tournaments, and we can debate the merits of t-shirt activism, but I’ll always applaud it when I see it. I think this is a great use of their platform to send an important message and hope more folks choose to do this in the future. Big ups to them! 


And finally, congrats to Boston, who, after falling out of the D1 pool this year, came back with a vengeance and came out on top in D2 . I’m a huge Boston fan so I’m so happy they tore it up this year!  ❤️


Did you watch D2s this weekend? If you have opinions on any of the games, skaters the bracket system or just any thoughts, feelings, gifs to share, let me know!


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