Games To Watch: 2017 WFTDA PLAYOFFS - Malmo

This historic weekend was the first time a WFTDA playoff tournament was hosted outside North America! 8 non-US teams played this weekend and, as expected, it lived up to the hype.

If you missed the weekend (lord knows the time difference was rough for some of us) or want to relive some of the action, here are the games to you need (re)watch:

Crime City vs London

If you weren’t paying attention to Crime City before, you hopefully you are now. The host league came into the weekend the 4 seed, entering in the same grouping as Gotham, London and Denver, and really showed those unaware of their name that they are a force to be reckoned with.

This game was HYPED as soon as the bracket was released. Crime came close to beating London earlier this year at Anarchy in the UK but lost by about 60 points in the end. Reading about these teams and their history, I'm realizzing Crime City is to London as Rose City was to Gotham. London is an undefeated Euro champ and has been a Goalith on that side of the pond for years. Seeing someone take them down would be a huge deal. 

Many thought this weekend was going to be it. That the Malmo tournament would finally see that defeat but unfortunately, Crime City fell short. After an intensely exciting first half, the game was decidedly London’s ten minutes into the second. Watch at least the first half of the game for some edge-of-your-seat action or stay for the whole thing and watch London show their skill and experience in the face of a imposing opponent. 


Rainy City vs London

Rainy City did even better against London than Crime did! So let that sink in for a minute. 

At Anarchy in the UK they came even closer to beating London than Crime (161-123) AND, during the Malmo tournament, Rainy only lost to London by 5. Then they took Calgary by 243 and Charm City by 180. Needless to say they SHOWED UP this weekend and we're going to see them doing some amazing things next year. 

This game again London was so intense! It felt as though London hadn't expected this type of fight from Rainy and Rainy had everything to prove. Again, London is still the superpower in Europe so every team wants to take them down. Honestly, I was expecting it to be Rainy, but as Crime will the one going to Champs with London, it looks like Crime is the best shot at taking down the Euro-Gotham (at least in 2017 tournament play). Check out this game to see an underdog put up the best fight of the year!


Denver vs London

I promise I'm not trying to only talk about games including London, but this game is another standout. Denver controlled the game the entire time, including their time spent in the box, picked up 9 penalties this whole game

As The Apex mentions in their recap of the weekend, this came after rough first half against Stockholm where Denver was obviously struggling with the reffing, so their overnight adjustments are impressive as hell. Just keeping penalties down to that number at all is impressive! Great game to watch to see how a team can dominate and do it cleanly!


Really though, you should watch as many Malmo games as possible, these are just my standouts! What games am I missing? Which would you highlight from Malmo?  Let me know in the comments below or find me elsewhere!

Wendy WaldenComment