Weekly Roundup: December 18 - January 1

Happy 2018! I took a week off from collecting derbyverse links/news for Christmas so here's what you may have missed in the last two weeks! Hope you had a great holiday <3

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Last 2 Week's Highlights:


*My Newest Video on The Apex- Activism and Roller Derby

Video on The Apex FB



The 2017 Apex Awards

Apex Article


2017 Best Hits Highlight Reel, Hit Squad TV

FB Video


Prime's 12 Days Of Skatemas

Youtube Playlist


Tips for Transferring to a Big D1 League

Apex Article


Sac City, Sacred City Unify as Sacramento Roller Derby

Press Release


Offensive Timing, Grease Monkey

FB Video


Deflecting Hits, Mr. Testosterone

Youtube Video


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Page Highlight:

S. S. Roller Derby (Something Something Roller Derby Podcast)

Y'all, I'm in love. 3 episodes in and I am already hooked on this podcast. Hammer Abby and Allie Gator are fantastic hosts (duh), their guests are great, they cover great topics and all in a fun and organized way! They've talked about the history of derby with Blue Streak (creator of our modern track and the helmet cover!), officiating with the UDO Madison crew, and so much more! Catch up on their episodes ASAP!


Facebook page



Listen to the first episode here


Fundraiser Highlight:

Team IRN (iRAN rOLLER DERBY) Is Fundraising for the world cup!

"... Our team is a global group of Iranian roller derby skaters who will be the only Middle Eastern team competing in the 2018 Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup....Please help us offset some of our travel, accommodation, training, and food expenses as we go to the World Cup for the first time. We intend on putting the money towards the cost of the items mentioned above and divvying up any remaining money to help offset travel costs for individual skaters."

Go Fund Me page

Facebook page



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Wendy Walden