Weekly Roundup: January 22-29

Here's what you may have missed in the derbyverse this last week! 

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This week's highlights:


WFTDA Tournament Restructure

Facebook Announcement

Full Announcement


WFTDA Confidential: Announcing Continental Cups, New Rules Updates, and More!

WFTDA members check email inbox


WFTDA Adds 18 Members

Announcement and list of teams


Roller Derby World Cup This Weekend

Tournament Site

Customizable Schedule

Buy tickets

Explanation of tournament structure


2x4 and Team Argentina to Embark on the Most Ambitious Trip in the History of Roller Derby 

Article from The Apex



Article from Iron Octopus Prime Fitness


New TEAM USA Merch

Facebook Post


Let's talk about roller derby (but in a cool/respectful way)

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Page Highlight:

Shades of Skate

"We’re here to promote diversity in derby, foster a greater understanding of cultural identity, and support other skaters in their flat/banked track journey. Share your experiences, stories, and photos with us!" 

"Diversifying the image of derby and increasing the visibility of the rad POCs (& international!) skaters in our community. Tag us!"



Did I miss any highlights from the week? Let me know!

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