Weekly Roundup: January 1-8

Here's what you may have missed in the derbyverse this last week! 

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This week's highlights:


Erin Jackson Is Going to the OLYMPICS, Y'ALL!

Her FB post

NBC Video

Chicago Tribune Article


Fantasy Roller Derby- World Cup Edition




What are you doing to increase ticket sales? What barriers are you facing?

Thread on The Apex Twitter


Iron Octopus Prime's Free 30/30/30 Training Program



'Killamazoo Derby Darlins' changes name to 'Kalamazoo Derby Darlins'

FB Announcement

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Page Highlight:

TheF0LD is a clothing and accessory company, it is also a safe space for community and learning, and a place to get derby tips and coaching. All of our products are handmade with love from recycled materials. Supporting this company means supporting your community. 3% of proceeds each month goes to support a non-profit cause of choice that is benefiting a marginalized population or group. 




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Wendy Walden