September 24 - October 1

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Here’s the news, links and highlights you may have missed in the roller derby world this past week!

This week's highlights:

Allyship: How We Can Support Minorities in Roller Derby?

Off the Track Podcast Episode

*Can’t wait to listen to this!

In the wake of the Kavanagh accusations, roller derby officials show their true colors

It Happens in Derby

The Myths of Coachability

Iron Octopus Prime Blog

Carley McAdam Retires from London


Burpees for Birthdays

Roller Derby Athletics

2 Skaters at Bath City outed as Neo-Nazis, removed from league

Philly Antifa

Bath City Roller Girls FB Statement

*Thrilled at the quick response on this, props to you Bath City!

Jammer and Offense Trick: The Gallop Tackle!💥

Miracle Whips FB Video

2018 WFTDA Playoffs Atlanta Tournament MVP, Freight Train

WFTDA Featured Skater Promo Vid

*Why is my face suddenly so wet?

MVP of the Week: Orla Skew aka SkewBlogs

A personal favorite, Orla Skew is a ref who is kind enough to help all understand the rules better. Skew has been providing us with important and insightful rules knowledge through a ton of helpful blogs (Some of my favorites are Top Tips for Effective Communication in an Official Review, What is a Multiplayer Block, Really? and On Recruiting Roller Derby Officials)!

And recently Skew started sharing WFTDA Bitesize Rules on Twitter, which is super cool and helpful! The rules can be so complex and confusing, but breaking it down into bitesize tweets makes it easier to understand and have a conversation about it! Make sure to follow on Twitter for more Bitesize Rules!


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Wendy Walden