November 5 - 12: POST CHAMPS EDITION

This week's highlights:



MVP- Gal of Frey, Rose

All Scores on Flat Track Stats

11 Things I can’t stop thinking about WFTDA champs

My Recap Blog

WFTDA Announces Roller Derby World Summit, looking for bids


Feels Like This Might Be THE Champs!

The Apex

10 Things If You Missed NOLA Champs

The Apex


FB post from Blind Io (NSO, Paris Rollergirls + Flat Track Stats (European region)

***Very important read

Miss Tea Maven Announces Charity Clothing Line, Stop Stigma

FB Live Announcement

Stop Stigma website/store

Live interview with Freight Train

HitSquadTV FB Live

Live Interview with videographer and editor for WFTDA, Kevin Borke

HitSquadTV FB Live

Live Interview with Angel City blocker Corina Fischer

HitSquadTV FB Live

Rollercon All-Star Bout 2018

HitSquadTV FB Video

The Story of Frogmouth: From Spare Bedroom to Global Derby Business

The Apex

Guest Article: Strength Factor Challenges for Europeans

Scottish Roller Derby blog

Top ten ways roller derby has changed or educated me over the past ten years

Photog Sean Hale’s Twitter Facebook

S1 x Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 “Lady Trample – Champs Retrospective”

S1 FB video

#MentalMonday: Mental Health in Sports

Maurine Filip FB

MRDA Announces Playoffs and Champs for 2019


4 Tips For When You Don’t Feel Particularly Athletic

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

Bite Me Boutique’s Inktober roller derby edition 2018

FB Album

WFTDA Champs FB Live Interviews:

Gotham post Bronze win

Rose pre Denver game

Huevo of Sailor City and Fisher of Angel City (Spanish)*

Updated Nov 15: Original posting included English translated name. Sorry about that, won’t happen again!

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MVP of the Week: Stabby McNeedles

Stabby celebrated officiating her 1000th game at Champs! 1000TH!!!! That is huge! Congrats on this accomplishment and thank you for all you’ve contributed to this sport!

Fundraiser Highlight: Blue Jay Rollers

This Brazilian league needs your help! This is a rough translation from their FB post but their training space was robbed. Skates, gear, ands league merch. If you can support them financially, check out their fundraiser! And if not, please share this fundraiser!

We published yesterday in the hurry and in the heat of emotion telling you of the invasion and theft occurred in our training space.
Our hypothesis is that they invaded to steal the electrical wiring and, in that, we also lost some skates, protective equipment, merch and other items that were at nest.
Since yesterday we have also received several messages of support from leagues and friends, and we have borrowed equipment to play the brasileirão on holiday.
But unfortunately the damage was great. So we create a virtual vakinha to help in the recovery of our nest. We count on the solidarity of you not only in financial aid but also in the dissemination of our project.
If you see our skates announced around, let us know!
Who does roller derby in Brazil knows how hard it is, but we won't stop.
The Crows are grateful for all the help!
Visit the campaign at:


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