November 12 - 19

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This week's highlights:

WFTDA Champs Archives Up

WFTDA Youtube Champs Playlist

DEAR COACHES: Teaching Strategy to Newbies (Part 2)

The Apex / Iron Octopus Prime

What do we do when a league won’t do the right thing?

It Happens in Roller Derby

An Open Letter to Royal City Roller Derby

It Happens in Roller Derby

Estelle: North America

It Happens in Roller Derby

A Primer on ‘Impact’ in Roller Derby


Top ten things I hope roller derby learns in the next ten years

Hale Yeah FB post

FB Live Interview with Mutch Mayhem

HitSquadTV FB Live

HitsquadTv Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary!

FB Live

Library of Alexandria and roller derby?

HitSquadTV FB Live

Final standings for the 2018 Chatterbox Season

Chatterbox FB

Mental Toughness

Hello Hitty FB Video

MVP of the Week: Miss Tea Maven, Stop Stigma

Maven just launched her clothing line 'Stop Stigma’ as “an effort to spread awareness of suicide, depression, and mental health through visual apparel and products.”. LOVE this use of her platform and experiences to make the world better!

By creating an apparel company, you can pick and choose the days where you would like to be transparent about your mental health struggles. Using apparel allows people to support their friends, family or teammates fight with mental illness in a very visual way, help create networks of support in the derby community, and spread awareness about mental health issues.

My hope is that one day no one has to feel stigmatized, ashamed, or embarrassed that they are living with their internal demons, whatever they may be. Talk to one another openly, and mental illnesses can be so much easier to treat. Stop the Stigma!

Fundraiser Highlight: Help Fix Brawn('s leg)!

The one and only Brawn Swanson went down at Champs last weekend and is in need of some medical attention. For some reason she doesn't think it's a good idea for me to just cut her open and do it free of charge... so we need your help to get her back in working condition. Please donate what you are able. We know you love her because we heard you all chanting her name when she fell! Anything you can contribute will help.-GOFUNDME



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