November 19 - 26

Hey there Derbyverse!

Looking for roller derby gift ideas? My new gift guide has you covered!

This week's highlights:

Roller Derby and Role Definition: Identifying Roles

The Apex

Derby Stance Online Coaching Summit

Rule56 Facebook Event

EuroDerbyCon is No More

Track Advantage FB Post

Iron Octopus Prime’s SKATMAS is Back

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The Ultimate Roller Derby Gift Guide

NoxTalks Blog

Jewish Roller Derby Team Interest Form

Google Doc, Facebook Page

Mental Monday: Choices

Maurine Filip Facebook

Statement from Royal City Roller Derby

(In response to this It Happens in Roller Derby piece)

Google Doc

History of HitSquadTv- year 2018 and beyond

HitSquadTV FB Live

The (Non) Definitive Gift Guide For Roller Derby 2018

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

RDA Announces 2018 CANDY CANE CREW Signups

Roller Derby Athletics Site andSign Up

FiveonFive Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

FiveonFive Site/PDF

MVP of the Week: League of Accomplices

Bless this Facebook page and those behind it.

This is a page for folks in the derby community that is dedicated to:

Amplifying the voices of POC who are challenging racism in roller derby.

Educating white folks about their whiteness and ways it can be problematic and harmful for POC whether in the form of racial bias, microaggressions, privilege or white fragility.

Providing resources and tools for white folks to move beyond ignorance, guilt, denial, anger or paralysis when challenged by their whiteness and into meaningful action that opposes racism.

We are especially grateful to Team Indigenous and the Black Roller Derby Network for the work you have been doing to bring awareness on racial justice. We are here to stand with you and be led by you.We recognise that in a white supremacist society, it is easier for white folks to listen to other white folks on this topic. Therefore we hold the tension that we perpetuate this problem whilst also believing that it is the work of white folks to bring other white people along in dismantling racism and white supremacy.

Please make sure to follow them on Facebook

Fundraiser Highlight: Jet City

Getting a head start on their fundraising for the 2019 season, Jet City is selling this holiday derby design on shirts and hoodies!

Who doesn't love a good ugly Christmas sweater? The Bombers have created this limited edition design, perfect for gift giving and holiday themed scrimmages! With 6 styles of shirts and a variety of colors to choose from, there's sure to be the perfect shirt for everyone on your Naughty & Nice lists! 

Sale ends on November 30th and shirts will be delivered directly to your door between Dec 11-20!

Check them out on Bonfire!


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