December 10 -17

Hey there Derbyverse! My new video on the Apex is out- 9 Things to Do With Your Offseason!

This week's highlights:

WFTDA-Recognized and Level 1 Officials Certification Applications Now Open – JRDA To Participate in Program


WFTDA Welcomes 13 New Members


WFTDA Releases 2019 Update to The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby


The Jammer Lap Point is Dead, A New Era of Defensive Roller Derby is Born

The Apex

A Farewell Message from Frightmare of Bay Area Derby

Chaya Site

In the News: Rating WFTDA

Scottish Roller Derby Blog

2019 Big O Announcer Application

Google Form

How to Choose A Roller Derby Uniform

Frougmouth Medium

9 Things To Do With Your Offseason

Nox on The Apex

🚨ROUGH STUFF - T/W abounds for content below:

NHS worker's double life as online pedophile swapping vile images of children

UKRDA FB Statement

Rainy City FB Statement

WFTDA FB Statement

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults In UK Roller Derby

Statement from ‘Jessica St Hilaire on behalf of Hartford Area Roller Derby’

[original It Happens in Roller Derby post]

FB Post in New England Roller Derby Group

Quadzilla is back

‘A Letter to the derby community’ Quadzilla FB Post

Texas Men’s Roller Derby FB Post

Fundraiser Highlight: Send Harbor City to Hawaii!

The Harbor City Roller Dames (HCRD), the Twin Ports' local roller derby league, has been invited to participate in the Big Island Brawl; a 2019 roller derby tournament in Hawaii! (June 20-23)

We are a league that promotes inclusivity in sports, and fosters strong athletes in our community. Every season we make it a priority to give back to our community, most often in the form of volunteering for local organizations and agencies. As we continue to do so rolling in to our 2019 season—we are inviting the community, our fans, our families and friends—to donate to our league to help send us to this tournament.
Our league is run entirely by skaters, referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers who all have jobs, families, and lives outside of this sport. We all carve out important time in our lives to be able to play this sport and run this league that we love. The support of our fans year after year is what allows us to continue to do so. 

Please consider donating what you can, and/or sharing this page. Our fans mean so much to us, we could not continue to play this sport that we love so much without all of you.  Stay tuned for donation incentives and future fundraising events!

****If we do not raise enough funds to send the league to Hawaii, Harbor City Roller Dames will use the funds raised for travel to a stateside tournament or other travel opportunities. 

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