December 17 - 31 🎉🥂

Hey there Derbyverse! Happy first day of the year!

I’m sorry for the gap in coverage, I took a much needed break for the holidays. Here’s everything I could find from the past two-ish weeks!


The Weekly is sadly lacking much of the news and highlights from non-US derby. If you’re interested in becoming sort of a correspondent, please let me know!

WFTDA Stats Use Survey

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2018 Offseason Retirement/Transfer Update News Pt. 1

The Apex

The 2018 Apex Awards

The Apex

Juke Boxx Announces Transfer to Barcelona Roller Derby in May

The Apex

Visualising Jammer Swaps

NSO World

HitSquad 2018 "All i do is highlight reel" Compilation

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History of Roller Derby, HitSquadTV Podcast

Part 1, part 2, part 3 on Podbean

3 BIG WAYS to CRUSH New Years Goals!

Roller Derby Thoughts Podcast on

2019 Philly Roller Derby Coaching Interest Form

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No WFTDA Officiating Clinic At EROC

EROC FB post, WFTDA FB post


Fluxx Vlogs Youtube

Kill Your “Yeah, But…”

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

Udder Chaos Invitational 2019 Announcer Application

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Fundraiser Highlight: Albuquerque Roller Derby Loaner Gear Fund

About a month ago, all of our loaner gear was stolen. 

Albuquerque Roller Derby is a non-profit that focuses on building athletes and being part of the Albuquerque community. 

On Wednesdays we open our practices to anyone that wants to learn to skate, how to derby, how to officiate... just be part of the group. We have collected over the last 3 years a large assortment of loaner gear (skates of all sizes, helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, etc.)so that community members can give it a try. Well, now it is all gone.

We are raising money to replace as much of the gear as possible. We appreciate any help!

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