Weekly Roundup: January 29 - February 5

Here's what you may have missed in the derbyverse this last week! 

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This week's highlights:


Roller Derby Has a Sexual Assault Problem, and We Need to Talk About It

Derby Central Piece by Hannah Jennings

Quadzilla's Response

iDerby post

State of Skate post

Reddit post


Roller Derby World Cup

Roller Derby World Cup Insta

BBC Recap

Scores from Frogmouth

Roller Derby World Cup Math Explained

Tui Lyon Won MVP



Latest Retirement Announcements

Smarty Pants

Jaana Nuku

New Year's Ref-Olution- A Four Part Series

ZebraSkew Blog


Bambi Bloodlust Starts Vlog Channel

Wheelality Youtube

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Page Highlight:

Girls on Track Foundation

The foundation’s goal is to foster important life skills in girls around the world, through participation in roller derby as skaters and decision makers.



Did I miss any highlights from the week? Let me know!

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Wendy Walden