Weekly Roundup: March 5 - 12

Here's what you may have missed in the derbyverse this last week! 

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This week's highlights:



wftda releases updated risk management guidelines And track layoutguide





Fundraiser Highlight:

Help Madison Roller Derby Fund Their Venue

We've done our research, we're making plans, and we've started inroads to two potential options for having our very own dedicated Madison Roller Derby facility.
We've grown from rope lights at Fast Forward Skate Center to hosting (and skating in!) WFTDA playoffs at the Coliseum.

But we're now stifled due to constraints on our practice space, and the potential to lose it in the next year. If you, our fans, can help fund our seats, we can work on the rest. We're rolling on to something new, and we're excited to bring you along!
Please donate any amount you can, invite your friends and family to do the same, and share our news as far and wide as you can.


More info on MRD's site



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