Weekly Roundup: March 12 - 19

Here's what you may have missed in the derbyverse this last week! 

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This week's highlights:


Wftda Releases Updated Risk Management Guidelines And Track Layout Guide



Naptown, Gem City and 2x4 — The 2018 Early Birds 📈🐦💪

The Apex article


Basic Training 101: Building a strong athletic league culture from the ground up

Windy Citys blog


Shape of the Pack (Part One) 

Skewblogs Post


Maurrine Filips's #MentalHealthMonday



State of Skate Hits 1000 Members

NoxTalks Facebook post


NoxTalks Vlog




Fundraiser Highlight:

Get Marko to Big O - USA - 2018!

"Hi mom, friends, and the amazing derby community! Being a derby photographer is probably the best thing to do. Unfortunately this all this awesomeness comes with a hefty price tag - focusing on getting good photos means a lot of games and tournaments around the year, and the equipment itself is pretty expensive too.  (I mean, I live in Finland where saying hi to your neighbour costs about 20 dollars. OK that was a joke, but flying from Finland to anywhere really isn't cheap). 
So, dish in what you can and want. Every cent and dollar and euro counts and I will highly appreciate it all. Naturally I will do my best to give back to the derby community in the form of photos, but! Wait! There's more! I'll try to come up with a personal poem to everyone who donated and in higher donations I'll throw in some fine prints too! Thank you. ♥️ "



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