Weekly Roundup: February 26 - March 5

Here's what you may have missed in the derbyverse this last week! 

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This week's highlights:


WFTDA Announces 2018 Tournament Locations

WFTDA Tournament Central


Kayla Gaska Is Coming out of Retirement

Confirmation on The Apex Twitter


RDWC Archives Are Up

RDWC Youtube


The "Back" Is Bigger Than You Think 

Rules with Skew Blog


Flat Mat Yoga Closed March 1


Access Free Yoga Resources for Derby Athletes


PR Every day:: Challenge Yourself Every Time You Train 

Iron Octopus Fitness FB Event


Unlock Your Confident Mindset

Roller Derby Athletics Confidence Challenge


check out my Newest video: WFTDA 2018 Tournament Structure


Fundraiser Highlight:

Help the Chicago Riots Junior League get gear for their program!

The Chicago Riots is a junior roller derby league (JRDA) that bonded together over the need to provide a safe, strong, nurturing environment for young skaters... We have collected some used gear, generously donated by skaters throughout the Chicago area, but having enough kid-sized gear available has proven challenging -- especially since our league has grown to capacity, with over 40 skaters on wheels this season!
We greatly appreciate any donation amount, and we will keep our donors updated on what we are able to do with your contributions. Anything above immediate needs (new skaters in need of gear and returning skaters who are outgrowing or wearing out their gear) will be set aside for our next batch of Riots, so we can make sure that no kid is prevented from joining roller derby for financial reasons.

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Wendy Walden