Weekly Roundup: April 9 - 16

This week has been... wild. The MRDWC/#23 thing has been all we can talk about (PS can someone give this a good scandal name, please?) and there is a lot to go over. I've tried to include all relevant posts, photos and statements, in order, so you get the whole story. If there are any errors, or other links I should include, please let me know!


The Logic Behind Off-Skates Tryouts

Windy City Roller's Leadership Blog


What is your men’s roller derby scandal?

Anticlockwise Blog


Mick Swagger's New Podcast, "Off The Track", first guest Tui Lyon!

FB Announcement

WiSP Sports, Off the Track


WFTDA Announces 'Public Town Hall: anti-abuse, anti-harassment, and anti-discrimination in roller derby'

FB Announcement


'Fans of' Roller Derby Podcast



Recent episodes: Fans of Ovary ActorFans of Quad Almighty, and Fans of Wheezy


Seven Ways to integrate rules learning into your roller derby league

ZebraSkew Blog


Jammer Trick: Torso extension to pry open back walls! 

Miracle Whips FB Video


Comeback Skid: Mel E Juana On Her 2017 Season

The Apex article


Chatterbox Pick 'Ems Week #4

FB Post


MVP of the Week: Anticlockwise Blog

Right in the middle of the hurricane of the MRDWC/#23 scandal, the hilarious satire news site Anticlockwise published Breaking News: Men’s Team USA stripped of title and medal. Their piece was so spot on that many (MANY) derby folks, unfamiliar with Anticlockwise's work, mistook it for a real report. I think that says something about their writing! And let's just talk about this 'What is your men’s roller derby scandal?' thing b/c I am dying 😂 

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Wendy Walden