Weekly Roundup: March 26 - April 2

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This week's highlights:


Latest video on The Apex! 

NoxTalks is back with some tips on how to make our language more intentional and meaningful by retiring some derby terms that are problematic. If you've got more terms to add to this list post 'em in...

The Apex's follow up

Lady Trample's Tweet on Dropping 'Mohawk' for 'Sidesurf'


Kid Block Transfers Back to Tiger Bay 

Kid's FB Announcement

Apex Article


2018 Big O Schedule Announced

Big O Site


Texas Roller Girls Announces New travel team structure and B team name

Texas Roller Girls Site


Minnesota Roller Girls Get Their Own Legos



The Crop Top Skit Starring Vicious Van Go Go and Reptar

Facebook teaser vid post

Full video on Youtube

Out of Play series site


Basic Training 101 (Part II): Managing Your Entry-Level Training Program

Windy City's Leadership Blog


Chatterbox Pick 'Ems Weekend Predictions

Chatterbox FB


WFTDA Welcomes Three Apprentice Program Graduates



The Apex's Roller Derby World Cup Highlights Video

Apex FB Video

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Page Highlight:

Your new favorite derby shirt is waiting for you at Skate Pretty 

I discovered this shop on Instagram and had to share! 😍Can't wait to get my hands on some of these!




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Wendy Walden