Weekly Roundup: April 16 - 23

Hey Derbyverse! This week has been much less wild than last week, thankfully. The biggest news from this week, again, surrounds the MRDWC/#23 debacle. The MRDWC, MRDA and Team USA have all released their official sanctions so make sure to read them through! They may not be what you expect. 🤷

Also, I'm introducing a new section called, 'We need to talk about' because so much is happening in the derbyverse lately and I can't make a video for everything. This week we need to talk about the #Reclaim23 campaign by Frogmouth. Please make sure to read about that issue towards the end of the page.

This week's highlights:


MRDWC Completes Investigation



Tony Muse Resigns from Team USA

Team USA FB Post


Team USA Sanctions

Team USA FB post


MRDA Sanctions



Mick Swagger's New podcast Off the Track- Episode 1 W/ Tui Lyon

Stream it on the WiSP Site


15 Roller Derby Kit Care Tips

TrebleMaker909 Blog


Angel City Announces 2018 Charter ( -Satan, + Krissy Krash)

Angel City FB


#MentalMonday with Maurine Filip is back!

Mental Toughness on Maurines FB


Tinseltown Showdown Scores (Angel, Texas, Bay Area, Tampa, Houston and more)

Flat Track Stats


History=TXRD: A HitSquadTv Art Production

HitSquadTV Youtube


Miracle Whips: Elegant Jamming

FB Video


WFTDA announces first Recognized-Clinics and list of new Officiating Clinic Instructors



My latest video:  Skate to Thrill 2018

We need to talk about: this Frogmouth #Reclaim23 campaign

At first, I thought this was a great idea. 'Yeah, screw one shitty person ruining a number for everyone,  blah blah'. I even sent it to a few friends with the number. 

Then I saw that Frogmouth was deleting comments from people of color who criticized the campaign.-->  Power Jams, Talk Derby FB, Meg Fenway Twitter

This #Reclaim23 campaign is a problem for multiple reasons:

  1. It diverts attention from the real issue (helping survivors, holding people accountable, complicity culture, challenging the sexual harassment/assault culture in derby, etc) 
  2. It demonizes one person when there are TONS of other known perpetrators in our community (though, granted, this is the most publicized case)
  3. It vilifies a black man as the poster child for sexual assault in roller derby (when, again, there are many other known perpetrators)
  4. What are they even doing with these pictures? (Sorry, personal note, I've asked and haven't received an answer. It just seems weird! idk)

And Frogmouth's reaction to criticism is appalling. Deleting comments calling them out is childish and this behavior is in stark contrast to what Frogmouth has been preaching the last few weeks. This should be a chance for a company to show us how to do this right. Show us how to acknowledge your mistake, how to learn from it and do better! Don't just silence POC who call you out! It's appalling.

Have thoughts on this? Ideas on how we can do better? Join us for a discussion in State of Skate.

Fundraiser Highlight: Team GB Junior Roller Derby

"Please help! We're organising an auction to raise funds to help get our 20 juniors to the Junior World Cup in Philadelphia in July. Do any of our lovely followers have anything they are willing to give us to auction? You'd be helping make 20 young roller derby stars' dreams come true 😁🦁🇬🇧"

You can also donate to their Just Giving crowfunding page

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 3.22.21 PM.png

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I'm always looking for more derby news to share each week so if you have anything you'd like to be included, let me know! 

Wendy Walden