Weekly Roundup: April 23 - 30

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This week's highlights:


We are Living in the Same House: Roller Derby and Sexual Assault

Apex Piece


Atlanta Rollergirls: Black is Beautiful 

Facebook Video


Frogmouth Statement on the #Reclaim23 Campaign

Frogmouth Medium


7 Ways You Might Get A Penalty For Destroying the Pack

Zebra Skew Blog


Freight Train Solaris Review

Facebook Video


Win christy deamons signed jersey

Facebook post


Maurine Filip's #MentalMonday - Talent

Instagram Link

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Roller Derby League Organizational Strategy

Shredinger blog


Chatterbox Week 6

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MVP of the Week: #MyDerbyAge

This hashtag started on Derby Twitter and quickly flew to FB because it's amazing and we all love getting nostalgic and talking about ourselves 🤷Here are a few of my favorites that are from my old days!




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