Weekly Roundup: May 7 - 14

What's up, Derbyverse! I'm really excited because this week my team is going to Udder Chaos! If you'll be there, make sure to say hi! And if you wanna do a video together (interview, promo, game highlight reel) let me know! 

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This week's highlights:


Bonnie Wykman Statement on VRDL Bullying

FB Post


Satan's Little Helper Moving Back to San Jose

SLH Insta post

Nox Note: S/O to Fluxx Capac-Hit-Her for altering me to this


On Recruiting Roller Derby Officials

Zebra Skew Blog

This is literally so good please read


Jacksonville vs Gotham Footage

Jacksonville FB Video Archive

Because it was streamed on FB LIVE  the game is cut up into sections. 


London 168 - Helsinki 160

Flat Track Stats


Derby on Toast Updated with Latest WFTDA Rankings

Twitter Post



RCRDHC: An #TeamHitSquad Art Production

HitSquad FB Video

I am really loving what Hit Squad is doing with their Art productions. The home team life is such a special thing in derby and Rat City's is especially legend. I was a HUGE Rat City fan back in the day so this gave the feels. 


Roller Derby Athletics Re-Opening Registration for Training Memberships

RDA Site


WFTDA Games and Tournament Policy Updates, 2018 Cups, Playoffs, Champs Structure and Seeding Process



Maurine Filip's Mental Health Monday - Mental Training Tool: Body Scan

Insta, Facebook


Kayla Woodward/K Woo of ARCH is now on Twitter

K_WOO810 on Twitter

Everyone on my Twitter feed was fangirling about her (as you should) so follow her on Twitter!


WFTDA Announces Tournament Head Officials for 2018 WFTDA Tournaments


HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THESE FOLKS! If you know them IRL give them a high-five!


WFTDA Looking for a Member Services Manager



Dublin Roller Derby Tutorial Series on NSO paperwork

Dublin's Youtube Archive

God bless these dang NSOs <3


RDJ.TV Presents: C cuts vs D Cuts

Facebook Video


Turning a Setback into a Comeback

Power Through the 4th Whistle Blog


TrebleMaker909 Apex II Kneepads Review

Treble's FB Video


North Cheshire Victory Rollers #DeafAwarenessWeek post

FB post

This really impacted me. Not only did I learn some things but it was a great wake up call to how inaccessible derby (and the world as a whole) can be.

MVP of the Week: Jacksonville for FB Live-streaming the Gotham/Jax game

Not only was a high-profile game but also I firmly believe the derbyverse needs access to all footage possible. That's a rant for another time but for real, even just FB-Living a game gives us something. Huge thank you to Jacksonville/ the specific person who filmed it and did all the work every time the feed dropped. You the MVP of the week <3 Here's the first half of the game:

Fundraiser Highlight: Help Twin Valleys Roller Derby Get to EXDC!

Twin Valleys Roller Derby is selling this cute AF shirts to raise funds for their trip to EXDC!

Twin Valleys Roller Derby (TVRD) was founded in 2017 as a fusion of Star City Roller Girls and New River Valley Roller Derby.  We're proud to represent southwest Virginia to our community and the derby community as strong, capable athletes.
We are so excited to be playing at the East Coast Derby Extravaganza (ECDX)in Philadelphia June 22-24, a first for TVRD!  Since all of our activities are paid for by our league members, we're hoping this fundraiser will make it more affordable for everyone to be able to participate.  Skating is expensive!  Trips are expensive!  Skating and trips are expensive!
Help us skate and get a sweet shirt.  Everyone wins!

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