Weekly Roundup: May 14 - 21

Hey Derbyverse! Back from Udder Chaos with a renewed love for playing derby! I missed so much derby news this weekend though! Here's everything I could find!

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This week's highlights:


Udder Chaos

Flat Track Stats Scores

MadRollinDolls Youtube Archive


Euro Clash

Flat Track Stats Scores

Tyne and Fear Streaming Archive


Mayday Brawl-B-Q 2018 

Flat Track Stats Scores


Bracing Strengthening Tutorial Series

Fitness Gone Rogue Youtube


Denver and Rocky Secure 10-year Join Practice Space

Statement, on Denver's Twitter and Rocky's Twitter

IndieGoGo Fundraiser

They are not merging. Just sharing a home!


Mental Monday with Maurine Filip: Intensity




TOE STOPS (Get to Know Your Skates, Ep. 2)

This Rad FB Video


"Portland roller derby star will give kidney to fellow skater"

Portland Press Herald article

GoFundMe Fundraiser



Arch Rival B's  'Believe Survivors, Fight for Change' Warmup Shirts at Udder Chaos

Lunachix FB

My Insta


MVP of the Week:  CNY Roller Derby's Rule Breakers Logo

 As you may know, Central New York Roller Derby recently rebranded themselves and came out with an awesome new logo and everything. NOW THEY HAVE REBRANDED THEIR REF CREW AND I AM REALLY HYPED ABOUT IT. Also, whoever did these graphics HMU I wanna throw my money at you!

Photographer Highlight:  R L Photography

Found R L Photography on Instagram recently and fell in love with his pictures. These are just a few of my favorites - Can you see why I have total heart eyes? 

Fundraiser Highlight: Madison Still Needs a Home*

Madison put on an amazing tournament, and provided a free live stream (and archives). If you can, throw some money their way!


Unrelated but still important: *Flint still needs clean water, too


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Wendy Walden