Weekly Roundup: June 4 - 11

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! This week is super exciting for me because on Friday I'm launching my derby merch line- Nox Skate Co! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

This week's highlights:


WFTDA Releases Rankings



Golden Bowl WILL Be Live-streamed

Bay Area Youtube

Facebook Event (includes schedule, feeds to follow, and more)


Life After Roller Derby

Newest Off the Track Episode on WiSP


New JRDA Alumni FB Group

Roller Derby Youth Crew


Jammer Training: One hand down

Miracle Whips FB Video


HitSquadTV and PowerJamDerbyTalk Join For New Podcast- "Riding Derby"

HitSquadTV Announcement on Insta

*I'm so hyped for this. The first episode is going to be "WHO IS THE GREATEST JAMMER OF THE MODERN ERA!?!" and they're inviting everyone to share their opinion! Get on it!


Help Improve Fantasy Derby

Feature request on FB


East Coast Extravaganza Announcments





Training Is A Long Game

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog


Rollercon Annual All-Star Game Roster Announced

FB Announcement


Roller Derby Marketing: Target Market Decisions

Shredinger Blog on Medium


The Zen of Reffing Roller Derby 

Ref Resource Youtube Channel


Senor PooPoo's New Gaming/Derby Youtube Series

First episode with Llyod Knocks of HitSquadTV

Weekend Scores:

The Great Southern Slam

Archive Footage on Youtube

Scores on FlatTrackStats

MVP of the Week:  Rainy City (and their graphics department)

Rainy City always has the best graphics and this week they came out with this awesome Elite Level European Roller Derby 2018 graphic which not only super informative but also v cute. I need more derby content like this in my life 🙌 


It's PRIDE MONTH, Y'ALL! I've been scouring the derbyverse to find pride shirts that aren't just a rainbow logo and so far my favorites are these two from Cincinnati Rollergirls and Brandtucky Bombers.

Your league have Pride merch this year? Send it my way!

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I'm always looking for more derby news to share each week so if you have anything you'd like to be included, let me know! 

Wendy Walden