Weekly Roundup: June 11 - 18

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! I launched my new derby merch line, Nox Skate Co., on Friday! You can grab a shirt or sticker today for 20% off!

This week's highlights:

Jammer Quake: Rainy City’s New Weapon

Piece on The Apex


Improve You Derby Mindset: Adapt, Reject, Add

Treblemaker909's Blog


Riding Derby Podcast Ep. 1 Who is the greatest jammer of the modern era???

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BUILD YOUR BASICS :: The MFing Crossover (Part 1)

Iron Octopus Prime Blog


Igor Maniac's Officials' Tournament Survival Tricks and Tips

Igor's FB post


Frisky: Northwest USA

It Happens In Derby


RCR Response to It Happens in Derby Blog Post

Rose City Blog

Weekend Scores:


Golden Bowl 2018

Scores via Flat Track Stats

Livestream Archive on BADtv Youtube


La Classique Georgia W Tush 2018

Scores via Flat Track Stats

Nox Note:  Montreal 223 / Texas -117!!

Fundraiser Highlight:  Help the Boulder County Bombers Rebuild After a Fire

On Sunday, we lost our practice space, "The Barn," due to an electrical fire. Unfortunately, the impact is much larger than the building damage. Approximately 6 skaters have lost their personal gear and skates, along with the league's library of loaner gear, new sport court, spectator benches, penalty box equipment, multiple team jerseys, heating equipment and more. As many know, the cost to replace this, along with renting out a practice space in the meantime, is incredibly expensive and difficult.

Support Boulder County Bombers through their Fundly

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It's PRIDE MONTH, Y'ALL! I'm loving the Angel City pride month campaign and they released these shirts this week! You can order yours here!

Your league have Pride merch this year? Send it my way!


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Wendy Walden