June 25 - July 2

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Here's your weekly dose of derby news, links and highlights! I'm always looking for things to feature so send me whatcha got! 

This week's highlights:


Summer Issue of FiveonFive Magazine Out Now


*I wrote two pieces in this issue; Five Tips for Preventing Derby Burnout and How Ramp/Park Skating Can Improve Your Derby Game! You can get those pieces and much more, while supporting derby content creators, for only $5!!


The Race for the Final NA East Cup Spot

The Apex

*This is such an exciting time for these teams! As a North Star fan (bestie bias 🤷) this has been a very stressful time. Check the Tweet of the Week for update!


The ABCs of The Big O: A #TeamHitSquad Art Production



Maurine Filip's #MentalMonday - Success

Facebook, Instagram 


Bonnie Thunders announces new movie Bonnie Thunders: That Beautiful Moment

Facebook Page


JRDA Announces scholarship program 

JRDA Facebook post


BUILD YOUR BASICS :: The MFing Crossover (Part 2)

Iron Octopus Fitness's Medium Blog


Bracing Strengthening Tutorial Series: Press Up

Fitness Gone Rogue Youtube


CDD ALL STARS VS. BOSTON ROLLER DERBY Audio Broadcast (previously recorded)


Tweet of the Week: The Apex recaps why this Weekend was LIT

MVPs of the Week: Ariel Mintzer

Ariel shared his work on rebranding his team, ThunderQuads Roller Derby,  in iDerby and I fell in love. This guy get's MVP of the week not only because he made some really fucking cool designs, but also because he created a full package for this and I cannot stress the impact something like that can have on overall marketing. The whole branding kit on his Behance is so beautiful I could weep.

Fundraiser Highlight: Help put a roof over Roller Derby in Denver

Denver Roller Derby and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls have to move! But never fear, we're joining forces to create a new home for roller derby in the Denver area and WE NEED YOU! Support this campaign to help us with the high costs of constructing a safe and fan-friendly venue.

They have only made 2% of their goal and have only two weeks left! Support Denver derby!

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Wendy Walden