Weekly Roundup: June 25 - July 2

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! I just put out a quick vlog about things exciting things happening in my neck of the woods, which you can find below! Also I chose 2 MVPs of the week because they're both awesome!

This week's highlights:


Freight Train: How I relieve pain spots in my skates

FB Video

beakertehmuppet Golden Bowl Video

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*This gave me so many feels  ❤️


New FantasyDerby.org Mobile Site

FB Announcement

New mobile site


Beating the Mid Season Slump

Steaks Blog


Hockey Stop Breakdown by Schadenfraulein of CT Roller Derby

Google Doc


Help Miracle Whips Design Her New Skates, Win Energy 62 outdoors wheels

Miracle Whips FB post


Maurine Filip's #MentalMonday - Competitiveness 

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Power Jams, Talk Derby podcast feat. Chunk, a 1st year ref

FB video


Rollerderbymerch.com announces fundraiser for Otter Mayhem

Otter's story

FB Video Announcement


My latest video - June Jam Sesh, 

Weekend Scores:


2018 Hometown Throwdown

Nox Note: Oh dang that GOTHAM/ROSE SCORE!!


EXDX 2018

Track 2 Archives from Mad Rollin Dolls!

Rumble in the Alley 2018


MVPs of the Week: This week I picked two!


Toronto's CN Power, NO ONE IS ILLEGAL shirts

"On our way play but we got something to say. No one is illegal. We made 50 of these last night and they're coming with us to ECDX with all proceeds going to organizations working with migrants in Texas and fighting current policies. "

This post on Facebook, Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.06.10 PM.png

Frogmouth, sports hijab

"To the employees of Frogmouth Clothing:

Thank you. Thank you for creating a sports hijab for referees, thank you for the awesome ref shirt, but most of all thank you for standing up for diversity in roller derby. Jazak'allahu khairan. #derbyfamily #derbystrong"
VIA Attitude & Pointe

I have not been keen on Frogmouth since the 23 campaign but this is a very cool thing I hope they produce regularly

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Wendy Walden