Weekly Roundup: May 28 - June 4

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Wow, this is the 30th Weekly Roundup! It's wild to think I've been sitting down every Monday for 30 weeks to collect the highlights from the week and produce this Roundup! If you enjoy this weekly content, consider contributing to my Patreon!

Things in my neck of the woods have been good this week! I filmed a Moreau Regime review video with some teammates at scrim scram, got a California king bed (holy shit it's giant and amazing!) and built a bed-frame. Also, my newest video on The Apex came out! 

This week's highlights:


WFTDA Accepts 3 Apprentice Leagues

WFTDA Site Announcement

Congrats and welcome to Baja Roller Derby (Baja, Mexico), The Roller Derby Panthers (Sannois, France) and Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads (Mannheim, Germany)



JRDA Announces 20 Championship Teams

JRDA Facebook


Miracle Whips Jammer Trick: The 180 ° Juke

FB Video


Neural network-generated roller derby names

aiweirdness blog



Maurine Filip Insta, FB


GDPR and you: A Roller Derby Summary 0.2

Google Doc

The GDPR is a big deal and may apply to you/your league: -- > "GDPR applies to anyone who provides services or collects data on a citizen of the EU. So if there’s a chance that one of those dirty, privacy minded, citizen rights based bastards could use your site, mailing list or attend a game ( to name a few ) then you need to be compliant. "


Jam with your hips! 

FB Video, Youtube


BABY STEPS: How To Break Big Goals Into Small Ones.

Iron Octopus Prime Blog


Sydney Roller Derby League New Logo Reveal

SRDL Facebook Video

I love this so much I made it MVP of the Week. And not just bc I like Pokemon. Read more below!


Why “27 in 5” Matters

Scar of David Blog


The Case for Mixed Scrimmages

Star Pass Fitness Blog


First Came Roller Derby's Own #MeToo Moment, Then Came the Backlash

Jezebel Piece


JOURNAL ACTIVITY: The Teamie Reframe

Iron Octopus Prime FB Video


Positional Derby

 Papa Whiskey Blog


Which is Better: Roller Derby or Ramp Skating?

Frogmouth Blog, by Lady Trample


Brace proof shoulders

Roller Derby Fitness Blog


7 Tips for Derby Tournaments

NoxTalks video  Facebook, Youtube

Weekend Scores:



Dang that Houston/Sailor City game must have been fun to watch



Soooo many games, not all included in this image


Kallio FINvitational 2018


MVP of the Week:  Sydney Roller Derby League and the person who made this, Judge* Booty/Jordan Raskopoulos

I love this so much and not just because I'm a Pokemon fan. Although a friend and I have an ongoing thing about how derby is like pokemon in a lot of ways 🤷

 For one, I'm allll about us moving away from 'derby girl' logos and more into logos locals can recognize as their own. Second, this is so fun! Not only is it kind of whimsical to do it poke-themed but creating this kind of hype is fun for the league and the fans! Thirdly, this is done very well and have legit watched it like 10 times. Great job, Sydney!

*WHOOPS, screwed up the name the first time. Sorry, JUDGE Booty! 🤦‍♀️

Photographer Highlight: Hispanic Attack

When Slay West requested I feature this photog, I was thrilled. Not only do I love when skaters sing the praises of their fav photogs, but I was happy to find another great photographer! I need to learn more about photography so I can explain why I like certain photogs, but I really love the way he captures people. Like, portrait style. It looks like CNY has a photo booth at their games and HA's

tHere are some of my favorites! 

Follow him on Facebook or check out his portfolio to find yours and order a print!

Tweet of the Week: 

This thread is a gem that has stuck with me since I saw it. I can't tell you how much it means (esp to newer/less skilled skaters) when vets communicate with patience and trust! I've been thinking about this a lot and want to put it to use in my own play! Thanks for sharing this one, ctaylsaurus!

Fundraiser Highlight: Quad City Rollers Junior Derby to JRDA Champs

We at Quad City Rollers Junior Derby are completely overcome with amazement and joy. We started out this roller derby season as an unranked team. Our goal was to make it onto the JRDA map and become ranked. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of time, practice, effort, and travelling. However, we did it. We went from unranked to #14!

Unranked to #14?! Way to go, y'all! ---> Help this team get to Champs!

JRDA Champs.jpeg

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