July 9 - 16

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! 

SO somehow I screwed this up and have lost the link roundup for this week. Super bummed because it had all the bracket monday info but LIFE GOES ON. Sorry about that. 


MVP of the Week: Voon-Li Vector Chung

"Inspired by an ad for a laser rangefinder a couple of years ago, I’ve been working on a way to automate the penalty box for scrimmages and other situations where there can be difficulties finding enough NSOs to facilitate a game.

After spending big at Aliexpress, waiting ages for it to turn up, and taking several “R&D detours” in the hope that the design could be make cheaper (nope), I’ve finally got a prototype working with a reasonable build cost. Using an NFC sticker (placed on the underside of Luna’s wrist guard - I’m wearing the silicon wristband version) to identify yourself to the system, the system is able to detect a chair's sit / stand / empty status to provide verbal instructions (as per verbal cues where applicable), as well as visual cues (i.e. the green / red flashing LEDs) for skaters to respond to who are hearing impaired (or for noisy environments)."

I am still in awe. This is the kind of ingenuity to the game that I love. 


I'm going to be changing up how fundraisers are highlighted in the Weekly due to the circumstances. I will now include a team fundraiser section and include as many as I can, but the highlight will be a photog, NSO, announcer, or some other volunteer. This is because these individual volunteers do not have the same resources or reach as teams do. I didn't find any in time for posting this but please please send them to me!


Team Fundraisers:

Arch Rival Roller Derby    St. Louis, USA to A Coruña, Spain

Vice City Rollers     Canberra, Australia to Omaha, NE

Royal City Roller Derby   Guelph, Canada to Kalamazoo, Michigan


Send me your fundraisers, I'd love to feature them!

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Wendy Walden