July 16-23

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Here's your weekly dose of derby news, links and highlights! I'm always looking for things to feature so send me whatcha got! 

This week's highlights:


WFTDA Held #ASKWFTDA on Twitter

#AskWFTDA archive

WFTDA's Twitter

I'm working on a piece going over what we learned from this, stay tuned!


WFTDA Publishes New Tournaments Code of Conduct

WFTDA and Continental Cups Hosts Release 2018 Postseason Brackets with Game Times

Meet the Announcers for the 2018 International WFTDA Playoffs and Continental Cups

WFTDA Hires New Sponsorship Coordinator

WFTDA Announces 2018 Tournament Officials and Games Tournament Oversight Officers

WFTDA Announces Roller Derby World Summit Satellite at #RollerCon2018


BUILD YOUR BASICS :: The MFing Crossover (Part 3)

Iron Octopus Fitness blog on Medium


Team Indigenous hosting workshops at Rollercon

Racism in Roller Derby: Panel discussion centering POC skaters experience with call-in/out culture, personal experience of racism in derby, affecting systemic change in leagues and beyond.

Allyship: How can we support Minorities in RollerDerby?





Artoo Detoonate/ RDJunkies announces move to San Fransisco

Twitter Announcement


New Riding Derby Podcast featuring the junior athletes of #HitSquadTV

FB Video


Fantasy Derby will not run for Cups or Playoffs but will be back for Champs

Facebook Announcement


Help Staff Girls on Track Foundation RollerCon Booth

Google Form

*I have a big soft spot for this foundation's cause. If you'll be at Rollercon, consider donating some of your time!


League Organization Survey

Google Doc


FURY ROAD vs. THE MATRIX at RollerCon 2018

ThisRad FB Video



Find scores and highlights on the JRDA Twitter

Santa Cruz wins the Female DivisionDiamond City Minors win Open Division Champs

MVP of the Week: What a Bout! Roller Derby Magazine

This is a brand new derby magazine coming from POLAND!

“What A Bout!” is an online Roller Derby Magazine based in Poland, focused on Central and Eastern Europe with mission to develop roller derby and roller skating in the region.

“What A Bout!” is for all of you: skaters, players, officials, volunteers, photographers, sponsors, merchants, and fans. For everyone who loves this sport and contributes to its development every day. We would like to join you in this! We want to be here for you and help you raise awareness about roller derby.

Their first issue is out and I am so hyped. Not only do I respect and appreciate people making derby content, but I really love what this team has put together! Read the new summer issue now!

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Wendy Walden