July 2 - 9

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Here's your weekly dose of derby news, links and highlights! I'm always looking for things to feature so send me whatcha got! 

This week's highlights:


10 Things That Made Us Go 😱 During the 2018 WFTDA Regular Season

Piece on The Apex


Pivot Transitions Video Tutorial

Treblemaker909 Site


Maurine Filip Mental Health Monday : Officiating

Facebook, Instagram


A day's worth of protein

Roller Derby Athletics Blog


Death to Jammer Lap Points

Code Adam Blog

*MVP of the Week!


S Curve with pylons Drill

Urrk'n Youtube Video


Iron Octopus Fitness Skatemas: DAYS 1–4

Iron Octopus Fitness Blog

*I'm so hyped for this because "12 days of on-skates, small space footwork drills to boost your on track movement" sounds like something we alll need!


Bracing Strengthening Tutorial Series

Fitness Gone Rogue Blog


Kalamazoo WFTDA Continental Cup - Volunteer Application

Google Form


Power Jams, Talk Derby Rollercon Survival Guide

FB Video


Bruised Boutique looking for helpers at RollerCon

Interest Survey


HitSquadTV Rollercon Contest

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Junior Derby News June 2018 World Ranking

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JRDA Champs Bracket

JRDA Twitter


MVP of the Week: Code Adam

You may know him from reffing at the absolute highest level, coaching a top level WFTDA team, making this amazing Anchorman parody video in 2016 or maybe from the but Adam just released a great piece on how and why "jammer points are dumb". I HIGHLY recommend reading through this for a great perspective on why the rules should change and just a better understanding of the rules overall! Thanks for taking the time to write this piece, Code Adam! We need more content like this in the derbyverse!

Read Death to Jammer Lap Points


Fundraiser Highlight: HitSquad TV-Funding 4 New Original Programming

Were starting a GoFundMe page in hopes we can get funding for our new projects that include educational based episodic roller derby history, a short movie and much more!
These videos are hoped to be shown to our roller derby community, but will also serve a purpose of educating and reaching an audience our sport needs to grow and be taken serious.
All funding will go into better lighting, location, and being able to pay the people helping with projects. We appreciate volunteer work and feel they should be compensated in more than just food and a high five.

HitSquad is producing some of the best derby content out there right now and they have so many exciting ideas you're gonna love, but they need your help! If you can donate even $1, please consider supporting derby media!

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