August 6 - 20

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! Sorry we missed a week or so there, needed a break! Here's everything we missed!


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This week's highlights:


An open letter to ESPN (and to some extent, KFC) from Erica Vanstone and the WFTDA

WFTDA site


WFTDA Apprentice Program Accepts 4 Members



Jam Sesh: Practice Anxiety

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Top ten ways any roller derby team can make their team photographer feel all the feels at Playoffs or Champs

Sean Hale FB post


SS Roller Derby Episode 5 - Val MFin’ CAPONE

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Jammer Trick: “Hammer Torso”! 💥 🔨 

Miracle Whips FB Video

Game Changers! Who, how, What and Why!

Riding Derby Podcast FB video


This Roller Derby Team Is Keeping Their Indigenous Heritage Alive

Team Indigenous featured on NowThisSports FB video


Don’t Train Players, Train Decision Makers 

TrainerBrain blog


9 Reasons to Get STOKED for the 2018 WFTDA Postseason

The Apex



FluxxVlogs Youtube



We need to talk about:

2 Charm City skaters mooning the live-feed at WFTDA NE Continental Cup

I feel like if this happened on the MRDA side, more people would be buzzing and call for immediate action from Charm and WFTDA. I know I've been guilty of it.

I'm certainly not trying to shame these skaters or call for further punishment, but I want to remind everyone our actions often represent others, like when wearing a jersey or skating at a high-level tournament. It's a great time to read over the WFTDA's new Tournament Code of Conduct!


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Wendy Walden