August 20 - 27

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox! I put out my latest video, 3 Reasons Not To Go To Practice, this week and was amazed to find so many others have dealt with similar things! Check it out!

This week's highlights:


North America East Continental Cup Archives


Youtube playlist


The Myths of Coaching

Iron Octopus Fitness blog

*I really love this because it's so TRUE. Wish I could send this pack to past!Nox


New Off The Track Episode feat. Rogue Runner

WiSP Sports website


Give It A Rest – Power Up Your Rest Days

TrebleMaker909 Blog


You should ref (or NSO) more, skater

Harddash Blog


How to learn to ref: A derby skater’s guide

Harddash Blog

*Loving this (new to me) blog!


Adidas Steals Superfit Hero's Photo

Superfit Hero's FB Post

*Superfit updated that they spoke with Adidas and will have more info this week!



Maurine Filip's Insta, Fb


Fans of ... Rollercon with Ovary Actor & guests talking Short Track Derby

Listen on their site


Weekend Games:


2018 WFTDA Continental Cup - N.A. West

Flat Track Stats


Medaling ceremony (wftda fb live)


Page Highlight: The Gender Ending Story

Our aim is to increase the representation and inclusion of trans and gender diverse (TGD) roller derby in Australia and Aotearoa and spread the message of TGD inclusion in all sports. 

So happy to hear about this team! Found out about about them too late to promote their fundraiser for the United Roller Derby Playoffs in Melbourne, but if you're able, support this team through their GoFundMe! Like them on Facebook, too!

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Wendy Walden