September 3 - 10

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox!

I’m struggling to catch all the news every week and could really use some help collecting! If you have something to share or want to help out in a more official way, hit me up!

This week's highlights:

10 Things If You Slept Through Games in A Coruña 🐙

The Apex

2018 RollerCon Discusses People of Color

WiSP Sports Radio

*This is the Rollercon panel we’ve been waiting for!

Hockey Stops 101

Video from Treble Maker 909

The Order In Which You Lose Skill Isn’t What You Think

Iron Octopus Fitness blog

Sponsorship #WFTDA and More

Riding Derby FB Video/Podcast

Sponsors: Make Fa$t Money

Shredinger Blog

#MentalMonday: Off Season

Maurine Filip FB

Thin Air Throwdown will NOT be streamed

Denver announced on FB event

VRDL nominated for a Women in Sports Award

Women’s Health

Atlanta Rollergirls Lip Sync Video, Welcome to Atlanta

Atlanta Twitter

I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!!! - RollerCon2018 Day04

FluxxVlogs Youtube

MVP of the Week: NSP 189 Photography

This week I want to spotlight NSP189 Photography for putting together this project that I AM VERY HYPED ABOUT! Love derby people supporting derby people! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and help this amazing derby photographer keep up the great work!

[Sneak Preview/Teaser]

Working on a thing to gather some derby dollars to shoot the coming season a little less stressed. This planner will be around 140 pages A6 with a pic of an official (maybe your fav NSO or referee) for each week and extra space for Saturdays and Sundays for instance. #almostXmas

As it's an OFFICIALS planner full of amazing OFFICIALS, part of the profits (depending on the success) will be dispatched between the different crowdfundings Alice Robison, Emily Crompton, Chloé Cassis Rld, Princess Beetch, Celine Madec and Jens Hötger organized on their road to November's Champs. Do not hesitate to support them directly too.

PS: Players can use it too 😉

(non-contractual images 😉 more sneaks to come)

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Wendy Walden