September 10 - 17

Hey there Derbyverse, it's Nox!

Sorry this is a bit late again. I’m struggling to catch all the news every week and could really use some help collecting! If you see something cool, send it to me!

This week's highlights:

6 Inspiring Roller Derby TedxTalks

My Blog!

What We Learned From Thin Air Throwdown 📝🤓

The Apex

Crossover Mistaktes Pt. 2

Roller Derby Athletics

Can Communication Techniques Stop People from Leaving Your League? Yes, And…

Trainer Brain blog

Sage King Leaves VRDL in “Protest of the Systemic Racism and Bullying VRDL are Failing to Address”

The Apex Twitter

VRDL Response

Maurine Filip #MentalMonday Balance

Facebook Instagram

GLOW trailer for Angel City Rocket Queens going to B team Champs

Vimeo Video

MVP of the Week: OKVD Coach Grant

When it was annouced that Thin Air wouldn’t be streamed, the whole derbyverse felt it. Luckily we have people like Coach Grant who dedicated his time, energy and phone battery to bringing us as much of the top level tournament as possible. Thank you Coach Grant 🙌 You can find the archive below! Make sure to leave some love for him on the Apex thread above!

Weekend Games:

Thin Air ThrowDown:


second half


FB Live first half, second half

ROSE 187  DENVER 113

FB Live first half, second half

Weekend recap on The Apex

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Wendy Walden